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Art UP Contemporary Art Fair

exhibitions Ruta Jusionyte Gallery Claudine Legrand

Ruta Jusionyte


Ruta Jusionyte was born in 1978 in Lithuania, Klaipeda
. Her art education began at an ealry age when she started attending Eduardas Balsys visual art school. She then progressed to Visual Design Academy in Klaipeda (1996) and from 1998 to 2000 Ruta studied at Academy of Fine Arts Vilnius. After graduation she went to live and work in France.


Since 2003 she exhibits in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germain, Lithuania ...

Private and public collections:

Purchase of a painting for the muséum of modern art of Vilnius (MMC), Lithuania


Purchase of eight paintings by a private collector for the new museum of modern art of Vilnius, Lithuania


Purchase of a sculpture by the art museum of Anges, Lithuania 


Purchase of a sculpture by the city of Le Mans, France

Purchase of a sculpture by Lithuanian Expatriate Art Foundation's

Personal Exhibitions:


Danielle Bourdette Gorzkowski gallery, Honfleur, France  sculpture september 

Picot-Le Roy gallery, Morgat, France sculpture july

Vilnius Art fair 2016, Lituanie, painting, sculpture 9-12 june 

Saint Rémy gallery , Liège , Belgique  sculpture april

Lille Art UP art fair, Claudine Legrand gallery , Paris sculpture february

Karlsruhe Art fair,  Wagner gallery  sculpture  february


Claudine Legrand gallery, Paris, France, sculptures, drawings 5-25 March

Crid'Art gallery, Matz, France painting, sculpture 5-28 February
Vilnius Art Fair 2015, Lithuania, painting, sculpture 25-28 June
Contemporary Art Gallery 22 Cabrières d'Avignon, France painting, sculpture, drawings, September 10 -10 October
Gallery Menu Tiltas, Vilnius, Lithuania November painting, sculpture, drawings 25 novembre December 20


Gallery Aidas, Vilnius, Lithuania

Gallery Claudine Legrand, Paris, France

Gallery Saint Remy, Liege, Belgium

Gallery De L’Univers, Lausanne, Swizerland

Gallery Danielle Bourdette Gorzkowski, Honfleur, France

Gallery Daniel Duchoze, Rouen, France                                                                                                      


Gallery Claudine Legrand, Paris

Gallery Picot-Le Roy, Morgat, France

Gallery de L’Univers, Lausanne , Swizerland 


Space of arts visuels Trace,  Swizerland 

Gallery Danielle Bourdette, Honfleur, France

Gallery Art Espace 83, la Rochelle, France


Gallery Au de la Des Apparences, Annecy, France

Gallery Alain Rouzé, Nantes with a peinter Jean Rustin, France


Gallery Daniel Duchoze, Rouen, France

Gallery Pierre Marie Vitoux, Paris, France


Gallery Ardital, Aix-en-Provence, France

Gallery Crid’art, Metz, France

Gallery En Aparté, Limoges, France


Gallery du Cardo, Reims, France

Gallery Au-delà des Apparences, Annecy, France

Galerie Pierre Marie Vitoux, Paris, France


Galerie Pierre Marie Vitoux, Paris, France

Galerie Picot-Le Roy, Morgat, France


Galerie de l’Arc de Triomphe, Saintes, France

Galerie Art 4, Caen, France


Gallery Françoise Souchaud, Lyon, France


Group Exsibitions



Tthe hause of culture Arlon, Belgium,  Gallery La Louve

Gallery Daniel Duchoze, Rouen, France, Edition of the 25 yers for the gallery book " Une galerie, la passion d'un homme" . 


Gallery Claudine Legrand , 49 rue de Seine, Paris 75006,France  

Gallery Danielle Bourdette Gorzkowski, Honfleur, France   



Installation, exposition gallery du Cardo out side the castel of Faucon, Doncherie (Ardennes)

Contemporarie art space Chapelle Sainte Anne, Tours « Animalité « curateur of the exposition Christian Noorbergen 


Gallery du Cardo, Reims "Dessins à Dessein", France


"Don, Contre-Don " Gallery En Aparté, Limoges, France

"Au Féminin pluriel " Galerie Pierre Marie Vitoux, Paris, France


Galerie Françoise Souchaud, Lyon, France


Art Fairs



ArtVilnius art fair, Lithuania

Gallery  Klaipeda, Klaipeda , Lithuania


Lille Art Fair, France

Gallery du Cardo, Reims, France


Affordable art fair, Bruxelles, Belgium

Galerie Marie Vitoux , Paris, France

Art on Paper - Brussels drawing fair


ST’ART fair

Gallery Crid’art, Metz, France


Arténim Art fair – Grenoble, France

Gallery Crid'Art , Metz, France




Book Photogravure « L’Hymne à l’Hymen » , poete Guy Denis , drowings Ruta Jusionyte

40 exp. Signts , 10 exp. in the boxes .


Ruta Jusionyte Art catalog , 2010 , edition : 104 pg . 1000 ex.


Book poémes Blandinne Scelles , paintings Ruta Jusionyte

« Terre d’Enfants » 2013 , 8 pg. 150 ex .


Articl’s 2011  

"Miroir de L'Art " N° 20 " Résistances" by Ludovic Duhamel

"Miroir de L'Art " N° 25 DESSIN "Le dessin comme un cri" by Ludovic Duhamel

"La Revue de la Céramique et du Verre" N° 178 "L'énigme humaine" by Nicole Crestou

Agora Des Arts  « portrait d’artiste « by Catherine Rigollet ( february 2013 )